Mic Capsule :Condenser

Mic diameter:  Φ6.0*2.7 mm

Directivity: Unidirectional

Sensitivity:-38 dB±2dB

Frequency Response: 20-20KHz

Output Impedance: ≤2.2kΩ

Operating Voltage: 2.0V-10V.DC

SNR: >63dB  

Product Features


Audio Signal : 16bit, 44.1Khz 

Paired Method :Automatic match 

Frequency Response: 20-20KHz

Transmitting mode: 2.4GHz, double way, frequency hopping technology 

Power: Li-ion battery

Working Time:6 Hours

Power consumption Current:0dBm<70mA 

Distance: 0dBm 15M  /10 dBm(Distance parameter for the open area test )



Receiving mode: 2.4GHz, double way, frequency hopping technology 

Paired Method :Automatic match 

Audio Output: mix output

Frequency Response: 20-20KHz

Power: Li-on battery or External DC power supply

Distance: 0dBm 15M  /10 dBm(Distance parameter for the open area test )



1.2.4G wireless transmission, automatic paired at different angles within 3 meters

2. The distance range is more than 15 meters in open field without drop of the frequency at 360 degree, can transfer the voice fluency with no any delay.

3. With small hidden lavalier new design, adorn comfortable .

4. Stereo output makes sound more balanced.

5. Using the hardened steel as windshield material makes it very stable and fashionable.

6. The transmitter & receiver can be charged at the same time ,working more than 6 hours with full power.

7. The lavalier mic has special process with steel metal surface, with strict test of acid-proof, alkali resistance, abrasion resistance. Reveal out excellent mechanical performance .

8. It can be used in teaching equipment, smart phone, smart TV, internet TV Box, DSLR, communication equipment, bus amplifier.

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